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SBE16 Hamburg in retrospect


The SBE series

The SBE16 Hamburg conference is part of the international series of conferences that focus on sustainable building and construction. The series was launched by the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) and the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment (iiSBE) more than ten years ago, and these partners were subsequently joined by the Sustainable Building and Climate Initiative (SBCI) of UNEP and the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC).

The series, now on a three-year cycle, has become recognized as the world’s preeminent conference series in this important field. The series consists of a first year of planning, followed by a series of regional conferences in the second year, and culminating in a global event during the third year.

The topics covered in the SBE16 event in Hamburg are of high relevance on a regional, as well as on a global level. The results and challenges identified during the SBE16 Hamburg event will find entrance into the SBE17 conference and thus gain global attendance.

SBE16 Hamburg in retrospect

The SBE16 Hamburg was successfully finished after several days of intensive scientific exchange.

600 representatives from science and practice, from 41 countries, presented their ideas and results on integration of sustainability aspects into the design, construction and operation of buildings as well as neighborhood and city development.

One of the emphasis of the program was the development and testing of planning and evaluation tools which support sustainable neighborhood development. The need to involve all relevant actors was particularly stressed. The discussion was led about whether and how the implementation of the climate protection goals can be achieved by means of sustainable construction. The results of the surveys taken by the participants are available on the website of the conference. They show interesting experiences in the field of integration of sustainability issues in education of architects, engineers and executives for the housing and real estate industry.

Many visitors took the opportunity to get informed about concrete projects and examples of neighborhood development in Hamburg. After evaluating, all results were recorded and incorporated into the preparation of the World Conference WSBE17 HongKong.

We would like to thank all presenters and participants for taking part in the vibrant exchange during SBE16 Hamburg!

Download the Conference Proceedings here.


Best Paper Awards

Six researchers were honored with Best Paper Awards during the Closing Ceremony. Awards for outstanding papers:

  • Marie-Lise Pannier for her paper "Building life cycle assessment: investigation of influent parameters in a helpful decision tool"
  • Rafael Horn for his paper "Planning of ecologically and economic optimized district refurbishments"
  • Alexander Passer for his paper "Innovative building technologies and technical equipment towards sustainable construction – a comparative LCA and LCC assessment"

Young researcher awards:

  • Jens Tønnesen and Torhildur Kristjansdottir for "Life cycle approach as a method for optimizing building services systems in extremely low energy buildings"
  • Sarah Ok Kyu Strunk and Christian Stoy for "Risk and scenario-based approach assessing sustainability"
  • Mohamed Srir and Ewa Berezowska-Azzag for "Sustainability profile of urban planning in Algiers"


Keynote Session COP21 Paris and the consequences

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Presentation of keynote speaker Stefan Schurig.

Presentation of keynote speaker Harry Lehmann.